University Ministry – Granada, Spain

 We are the Galyens (Shawn, Deborah, Luke, Ruth and Claire).  We are ministering to  university students in Granada, Spain.

Granada is city of about 300,000 people in the southern regions of Spain called Andalusia.  There are about 75,000 university students that attend the university in town (Universidad de Granada).

The young people of Spain are currently under the cloud of difficult times.   Half of 18-35 year olds do not have jobs.   47% of the young people in our region are not finishing high school.  The are self-labeled, “youth without a future.”  It is our joy to give the hope of Christ to this generation.

We serve the university community from our ministry center called “Raíces”  (which means Roots.)   Our ministry center includes spiritual formation, cultural exchange and community service.  We are creating a community who discovers, integrates and shares the love of Jesus.

2 thoughts on “University Ministry – Granada, Spain

  1. Grace Assembly of God in Bel Air, MD’s Missionary Care Team is meeting tonight to pray for you and your family

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